Livery Options

Grazing Livery – is DIY grazing, so we supply the paddocks and do paddock/grazing management and throughout the winter we feed hay, with all other tasks being performed by yourself. We can offer separate paddocks if your horse needs to graze on its own.

Livery – is on a self-contained yard, with separate tack and rug rooms. Included in the cost of livery is: stable, standard feed, grazing, hay/haylage, use of the school, lunging arena and walker. We perform stable duties, turning out and bringing in. Exercising and riding is done by yourself.

Full Competition Livery – is available through the following link or please contact us via the ‘Contact’ page and we will be happy to talk you through the various options to suit your needs.

Retirement Livery – the idyllic setting in the beautiful Hampshire countryside offers a relaxing and stress free environment for your much loved horse’s retirement putting your mind at peace that they are enjoying life with some paddock friends, away from the hustle and bustle of large yards. We pride ourselves on being a small professional and friendly yard, and able to offer the individual attention your horse deserves. With nearly 100 acres of fantastic grazing, the fields used for retirement horses are completely separate to other liveries so there is never any risk your horse will be left alone. They graze in small groups so they never have to fight for food. We offer your horse outstanding care and love from the team. Should this be of interest to you please contact us via the Contact page.

Older horses flourish being turned out as much as possible. Those who live outdoors are typically healthier than horses that are stabled, it helps with:

  • Arthritis management, movement benefits older joints.
  • Overall fitness.
  • Respiratory health.
  • Mental and social stimulation. Living outside in a friendly herd provides horses with the companionship and social interactions they crave.

Holiday Livery – Are you having a much needed holiday?
Need a short term option for your horse?
We can help with short term grazing to suit your needs. Should this be of interest to you please contact us via the contact page.

Convalescing Livery – We are able to offer stables for horses and ponies on box rest. We can tailor this service to meet veterinary guidance. We are able to offer the following:

  • Dedicated use of stable 24/7
  • Administration of medication at strict, directed times throughout the day and night.
  • Dressing changes and cleaning of wounds.
  • Use of horse walker for up to 1/2 hour per day, time depending on the needs of the horse.
  • Specialist dietary requirements.
  • Close monitoring.
  • 24/7 veterinary call out and weekly veterinary attendance at the yard
  • Remedial trimming hoof care by quality registered farrier.
  • Massage available for help with circulation, ailments of all types and general well-being.
  • 24/7 Owner and Staff living in.
  • PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to accept horses with contagious illnesses/diseases.

Should this be of interest to you please contact us via the ‘Contact’ page.

Prices Per Calendar Month

Please Contact Grazinglands for prices.

Services not included, will be charged for when required:

  • Vet’s fees
  • Dentist fees
  • Food supplements
  • Farriers fees
  • Worming fees (we run a worming program)